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Class Rooms and Specials

The main focus of THE DISCOVERY LOUNGE Preparatory program is academic development and enhancement of good academic and social habits.  These habits include, but are not limited to; attention/concentration, organization, critical thinking, obedience, truthfulness, respect, faithfulness, thoroughness, self-control, gentleness, and time management.

We focus on the total development of the child, including cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills and language and communication

Image by Monica Sedra

Kindergarten Class Two

Preparatory Class Two is for children who are older or have missed the cutoff of for a traditional public Kindergarten class or children who have been asked to repeat Kindergarten at a previous school

Art Class Girl

Kindergarten Class One

Preparatory Class One is for children who become five years after August 31st. This class is for younger first year students.

Image by Mike Fox

Specials and Clubs

Enrichments classes are also an important addition to the curriculum. Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Technology, and World Language classes round out the Kindergarten program.

Our enrichment programs are an important feature of a Discovery Lounge education. Each program has been outlined more in-depth by clicking the Learn More button

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