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A Little About Us

Pioneering Exceptional Out-of-School Programs​

At The Discovery Lounge, we collaborate closely with educators and families to craft enriching before-and-after-school programs, as well as comprehensive year-round learning opportunities that ignite curiosity and wonder in every child. Our commitment to excellence is supported by a diverse team of educators who bring the latest pedagogical advancements to our programs, ensuring that we offer the most innovative and enriching experiences for children.​


Boasting over eight years of expertise under the banner of T.A.P.S. Academy, renowned for its athletic program leadership, we continue to deliver customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of each school community. Our programs are designed to provide peace of mind for busy parents, offering a secure and accessible setting where children can explore their potential through a variety of stimulating activities.​


As we evolved, our focus expanded beyond athletics to embrace a balanced approach to enrichment. While T.A.P.S Academy remains dedicated to sports, The Discovery Lounge is now a space where children are encouraged to explore and uncover passions in fields they may have never imagined possible.

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