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A Little About Us


We partner with principals, teachers, and parents to create  before- and after-school and year-round learning environments that spark wonder in children.  The Discovery Lounge is backed by the resources and expertise of teachers from different learning environment's to ensure we stay up to date and on par with all the new ways to enrich children. 

With more than 8 years of experience in providing solutions under the T.A.P.S. Academy name, which is recognized for leadership in delivering programs with a focus on athletics. Under the new umbrella, we still are focused on programs tailored specifically to a school’s needs and that provide busy working parents with a safe, convenient program where their child’s potential is fostered through engaging experiences. However the focus is geared towards all areas of enrichment weighted equally. T.A.P.S Academy will focus on sports while The Discovery Lounge will focus on allowing the kids to discover areas they never thought they would. 

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