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School Breaks and Closings

When School is out, We are In!

Breaks and Closings: $35.00 per day not to exceed two days; $125.00 per week for 3 or more days. Operating hours are 7:30am-6:00pm(Students must bring their own lunch, snacks will be provided). 10% Sibling Discount applies to oldest child on full attendance to school breaks. Must have 15 kids in care to open for break days. Cost of Breaks are not included in regular care fees. Regular care fees will stop until the break is over.

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Fall Break


This form will be closed on 11/11/2020 for new registrants.

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Winter Break


This form will be closed on 12/05/2022 for new registrants.

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Spring Break


This form will be closed on 03/31/2020 for new registrants.  

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