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Once you make your payment, unless it is for a drop in day your payments will be automatically debited each week for the amount of the plan you choose using the card for the inital payment. Please contact us if you need to make plan changes.

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To ensure all payments are paid on the date they should be, the weekly Payment Portal will open on Friday 8/25/2023 at 8:00am. You can pay your registration fees only. Please also read the information below regarding the initial payment.

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Initial Payment Reminder

Important Notice

Your initial payment is due the Friday prior to your first week of care. Please call us if you need to make corrections to your account. You CAN NOT make changes to your credit card information manually going in adding a new card will create a duplicate account and you will be charged as such. Duplicate payments will be credited not refunded.

We charge based on being in the program not attendance. Once you pay the first weekly fee you are considered "in" the program. Weekly fees will not be transferred to another week if you pay within a week you don't intend to start. Please make sure you pay according to the pay schedule as it relates to your actual start date. 

In order to have the recurring payment start you must make your initial payment the Friday prior to the service week. If you don't not make that payment and on time, you run the risk of loss of spot or late payment fees. If you are starting care in the same week, the payment is due immediately for that week and we will debit again on the Friday in the same week for the coming next week's service to get you on the correct payment schedule. 

If you have any questions on payments, please contact us. 

For more than two students please contact us at 704-674-8331

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Choose your Care Plan

  • Registration Fee

    Use this link to pay registration for programs
    • Before, After, Summer Registration fee
  • Registration X 2

    Use this plan if you are Registering two children
    • After School Only

      Every week
      Includes Early Release, Extra Charge for Drop in Days
      • End of School Day-6:00pm
      • Choose this if you need after care only
    • Aftercare X 2

      Every week
      Use this for After Care for two students there is a small discount for the two
      • Half Days are included
    • Half Care

      Every month
      Does Not Include Early Release, Extra Charge for Drop-In
      • 2 days of your choice per week Maximum
      • Choose this if you only need 2 or less days per week care
    • Half Care X 2

      Every month
      Use this for Half Care for two students
      • Drop in for Care

        For the Before or After Care Session on a regular school day
        • Choose this if you need to drop in for a session.
        • Each Session requires a payment for care
        • Must contact us for approval to drop in
      • Closing Day Drop In

        All day care during the Breaks, Closings and Workdays
        • Choose this if you need to Drop in for a closing
        • Can not exceed two days
      • Early Release Day

        Care for early release days Non program Participants
        • Choose this plan if you are NOT a program participant
        • 11:00am-6:00pm pick up
      Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans
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