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The Teen Lounge

Grades 6-8

Onsite before and After Care Solutions for teens.

Our Teen lounge is designed for teens, by teens!  

It is a place for teens to come in and relax in a space that fosters an atmosphere of trust, friendship and exploration. 

Unlike like our lower-level grades who rotate in and out of different clubs every day, the teens program includes activities designed just for them.  In a screen free environment (no cell phones and technology allowed), we get into the heart of what makes them thrive.

The goal is to cultivate a space that is collaborative, enriched and safe for them to experience a host of activities they love without judgement and creative limitations. We do have a daily study hall for students to work on homework and get help in subjects they struggle with. 

After Study Hall, they get right into activities like Debate club, Blogging, Poetry, Entrepreneurship, Fun, Teambuilding and so much more. 

We select staff who are identifiable, relatable, responsible and trained for teens. 

If they are in school sponsored clubs, they will come to us right after those clubs' end. 

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Small Class Sizes

A low student/teacher ratio ensures learners receive adequate instruction and develop appropriate social and emotional skills in a safe environment.

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Lifelong Learning 

Enriching subjects, beyond what’s offered during the school day, helps children establish a foundation preparing them for high school, college and beyond.

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Our instructors encourage initiative. Students try things on their own with support to address and overcome any challenges.

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