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Summer Enrichment

Summer Enrichment: My Services

Kindergarten Academy

Rising Kindergarten

In Safe Hands

A child’s transition from preschool or home to kindergarten is a big event for both the child and parents. For many children, kindergarten represents the first experience with formal education outside of the home; for others, it means getting to know new teachers, new friends, a new building, and a new set of rules. Tapping into Kindergarten Curriculum is designed to help both children and parents get excited and prepared for the transition to kindergarten.

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Summer Enrichment Camp Grades 1-5

Children Are My World

The primary Summer Camp is a mixture of Academics and Enrichment. We use our morning hours to focus on empowerment, and education. We understand the importance of maintaining the knowledge they gained over the course of the school year, so every day for 8 weeks of summer camp we incorporate one hour of ELA and one hour of Math at grade level. This means if they are a little behind, we can help boost them to where they should be and if they are ready to move forward to their rising grade levels in those subjects that is what we do! The afternoons are set for their clubs, group games and enrichment.  The clubs are the choice of the camper and their parents.  They choose two and will go into those clubs every day. Please see the clubs listed below (Clubs are subject to change)

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Teen Lounge

For Teens by Teens

Teen Lounge Summer Enrichment (Because they are just “too big” for Summer Camp). Our Teen lounge is a favorite for the kids and Camp Leads alike! This is a specialized program all middle schoolers are in. Unlike like our lower-level grades who rotate in and out of different clubs every day, the teens program includes activities designed just for them by them! In a screen free environment (no cell phones and technology allowed), we get into the heart of what makes them thrive. The goal is to cultivate a space that is collaborative, enriched and safe for them to experience a host of activities they love without judgement and creative limitations. We do have a daily study hall for students to work on summer projects and get help in subjects they struggle with. Just like the primary camp, we focus on ELA and Math. As an added plus, the middles schoolers participate in community service, college tours, and some filed trips(Depending on number of campers and COVID guidelines)

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Why Choose Us?

Because we are THE One Stop Shop!!

We have been rated as one of the top summer camps in the Charlotte Area for over 5 years. Why? Because we offer a one stop shop for campers of all ages to come in and experience a host of activities and education within the camp day. We don’t separate out the cost of camp based on specific interest and topics; all our camp offerings are included in the price. We have been the most affordable summer enrichment for what is offered. Our camp is designed with Academics and Enrichment at its core.

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