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The Discovery Lounge has an arrangement with the transportation companies to transport the students from the school to our location. They will run on early release days and regular school days.  According to your schools transportation registration procedure you would need to either choose the stop entitled THE DISCOVERY LOUNGE/FUZION FORCE or provide the address of 3716 W WT Harris blvd. At that point the school will make sure your child gets on the bus to my staff who will be awaiting their arrival.  All of our stops are safe off the road stops and supervised staff will be there before the bus arrives. We will also be able to track the buses to see where they are in case any parents wants to check the status. 

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Transportation Links

Here are the links to use when registering your student for the bus to our facility. Please be sure to click on the link that correlates to your students school. You will be choosing either the stop name The Discovery Lounge or the address 3716 W. WT Harris Blvd. If you have any questions please contact us and the transportation provider for the schools we service. For CMS you will be choosing alternate stop

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