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The Discovery Lounge offers coordinated transportation services with the schools we partner with. Buses operate on both early release and regular school days, ensuring consistent transport just like any other day. To utilize this service, please select the stop labeled “THE DISCOVERY LOUNGE” during your school’s transportation registration and provide our address: 3716 W WT Harris Blvd. Rest assured, our team will be ready to welcome your child upon arrival. Safety is paramount; all our stops are secure and supervised, with staff present before the bus’s arrival. We’ll keep you informed of any transportation updates or requirements in sync with the school’s communications.

Transportation Links

Bus Registration for The Discovery Lounge

To arrange bus transportation to our facility, please use the appropriate link for your child’s school. During the registration process, select “The Discovery Lounge” or enter our address: 3716 W. WT Harris Blvd. as the stop. For CMS students, please choose the ‘alternate stop’ option. For Charter Schools, please follow the school procedures 


Completion is Essential! 

  • The registration form must be filled out completely. Transportation to The Discovery Lounge cannot be provided until this form is fully completed.


Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to both us and the transportation provider associated with the schools we serve.

I’ve made sure to keep the instructions clear and direct. If you need any further changes or have additional instructions, please let me know!


We urge you to reach out to your respective schools as soon as possible to obtain transportation instructions and necessary approvals for your child. It is imperative that you complete this process promptly, as without full approval, transportation for your child cannot be guaranteed. Please be mindful of all deadlines, as we are unable to override any transportation decisions made by the school. Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines are crucial in ensuring a smooth and efficient transportation arrangement for your child.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

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