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Preparatory Class 1 typically serves children ages 5 years old. This class is designed strictly for 5 year olds who fall in with the children who become five years old prior to August 31.

Preparatory Class One

Our Morning Academic schedule emphasizes academic development in a fun, nurturing environment. In this program, our students will develop and refine their reading, math, and handwriting skills and acquire an academic foundation for participating in any public or private academic environments.  Students will develop socialization skills that will serve their interaction/communication with peers and adults.  Class 1 promotes emotional and intellectual growth through a rich environment emphasizing exploration, imagination, interaction, and communication. Students will also learn about culture and the world that they live in through lessons of art, music, science, history, and citizenship. 


We also recognize this is a time for building a strong foundation of language and math skills. Special focus is placed on these two areas in our Kindergarten classrooms. We have procured a math and reading program that we know will allow students to flourish. Both programs are extremely useful in teaching to students with varied academic abilities, providing enrichment and reinforcement opportunities.

Enrichments classes are also an important addition to the curriculum. Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Technology, and World Language classes round out the Kindergarten program. Our enrichment programs are an important feature of the curriculum at Discovery Lounge.

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