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Our Curricular Approach

We Believe in The Fundamentals

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Curriculum: Text

Curriculum is rigorous, logically sequential, and age appropriate. It honors natural curiosity and offers everything from engaging science experiments and invitations to play that focus on critical early concepts in the areas of ELA, Math, Science and Language. We view primary learners as resilient, problem-solvers that are capable and extremely aware of their environment. We understand that not all students will be Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers. We know we will have future artist, entrepreneurs, writers and everything in-between.

Our innovative curriculum draws from approaches like Reggio-Emilia and from aligned NC common core standards to ignite children’s passion for learning by capitalizing on their natural curiosity and eagerness to learn about the world around them and how it works. We equip our students to exit our learning environment and enter other learning situations, but at a higher level of thinking.

We also incorporate Social Emotional practices and because of this our students display high standards of personal dignity and respect for authority at all levels.

Reading Together
Child at school



Language Development and Literacy •Letter Recognition •Review of Consonant Sounds •Long and Short Vowel Sounds •Blending Phonemes •Reading Comprehension •Intro to Creative Writing •Fluency •Sight Words •Vocabulary •Informational Text •Sequencing


Children Are My World

•Number Concepts 0-100 •Addition & Subtraction •Fractions •Ordinal Position and Patterning •Measurement, Time and Money •Prediction •Grouping •Analysis and Experimentation

Love the World
Music Class

Social Studies and Language 

We Are the World

•Cultural Awareness and Diversity •Going From Me to We •Community Roles •History: Understanding Past, Present, and Future •Geography


s and speaking more than one language is important. In our changing world, an early lesson like this could make a huge difference in the opportunities that your children have in the future.

•Greetings •Colors •Numbers •My Family and Friends •Places •Food/Clothes •Feelings

Deeper Look


In Safe Hands

Specialists in the following disciplines meet with the students on a weekly basis:

Visual Art.


Music & Chorus

Physical Education


Deeper Look
Curriculum: My Services
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