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Children Reading the Holy Bible

Charlottes Premier Private Kindergarten Only Day School 

The Kindergarten Academy is a five day a week, full day program (8:00am – 2:30pm) with the option to extend the day with before and after school care.

Why Kindergarten Only?

Discovering, Creating, Enriching

Kindergarten is a time of transition and learning. For many children, it is their first year in a school setting. Kindergarten has long been viewed as the place where the foundation for a lifetime of learning and preparation is laid.

The primary assumption of the Kindergarten program is that learning is meaningful and long-lasting when it is based on a child's experiences, and when it arises from that which the child can understand.

We provide our Kindergarten children with opportunities to observe their world, gather information, and formulate conclusions in all academic disciplines.

The first year at any school is a crucial one in building self-confidence, independence and responsibility. Forming friendships, dealing with a variety of social situations, and discovering the joy and excitement of learning in a challenging but nurturing environment are primary goals. Although a large body of measurable skills is acquired in Kindergarten, it is important to note that less tangible achievements are of equal value.

Children grow in their commitment to tasks, learn to work independently, and learn to respect and appreciate the ideas of others as well as building on their sense of right and wrong. Not incidentally, they learn to navigate their way through the school with a sense of self-assurance.

The entire kindergarten process, including the setting, has changed throughout the years. Children now learn more in kindergarten than in past years. With the latest technology, out of the box learning practices and advanced curriculum, kids start off with a head start on learning.

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