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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve assembled a list of the most common questions parents of prospective students have about The Discovery Lounge Academy. You’ll find information about class sizes, activities,  meal plans, and financial assistance.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in touch with us at 704-674-8331 or email us at

Is The Discovery Lounge religiously affiliated?

No, World Academy is an independent, unaffiliated, dually accredited, progressive private school. As a school community, we embrace students and families of all religions, nationalities and cultures and appropriately support all families’ beliefs, customs and traditions.

Where will the Discovery Lounge students go when they graduate?

Discovery Lounge graduates are equipped to succeed and excel at any of the excellent, high caliber schools they choose! Based on their varied interests, talents, pursuits and learning styles, we believe the students from our school will thrive in many of the private, selected charter magnet and public schools of your choice. We have formed lasting relationships with many schools and are happy to refer.

Where do most Discovery Lounge students come from?

Discovery Lounge welcomes new students each year as they qualify. Geographically, the school represents towns and cities in and around Mecklenburg County.

Is financial assistance available?

No. While we respect and know having a private education comes with a price we are not able to offer any financial help to families. We will give a 10% discount for families with multiple children.

Does The Discovery Lounge provide bus transportation?

Currently, The Discovery Lounge does not offer bus transport for students to and from their homes. We will offer an extended day program for those who need one.

Is there a dress code?

Student dress code and expectations are based on our widely shared belief that students learn best when their attire and that of their peers is befitting to an educational environment. Attire should be neat, clean, and in no way disparaging to others, distracting from the focus of the class or impacting others’ opportunities to learn. At all times, students and staff alike shall be dressed in a manner that demonstrates respect for the community and pride in our Academy. Students will need to purchase either white or blue polos for uniform use which are mandatory for students with their choice of khakis or uniform skirts/shorts for days where we are out in the community.

What time does school start and end?

Classes begin at 8:00 AM and end at 2:30 PM. Grades the afterschool program, including the Homework Room, afternoon snack and outdoor time, is available from 2:30 PM to 6 PM. You have the option to sign up for the Afterschool Program upon registration or to contact the Business or Admissions Offices during the year, if you would like to add a program to your student’s schedule.

Are there extracurricular and intramural opportunities for students at World Academy?

Yes, we offer a variety of opportunities for students to expand upon their talents and try new activities and challenges. The introduction of new clubs, activities and sports will grow annually and is based on student interest and resource availability.

Do students stay in their class and with their teacher all day?

Students have a primary classroom teacher. On different days, students receive instruction from Enrichment Teachers in the subjects of language, Art, Music, and Physical Education. In addition to Technology, students work on personal laptops throughout their curriculum and continually integrate technology into varying aspects of all their work.. Additional enhancement is always available for all students who are ready for it.

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