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Register  NOW!!!!


Registration will remain open until spaces are full. Once spaces are full we will disable the registration form and open the wait list form. If the form is open, then we have spaces. If the registration form is not accepting new registrations, please proceed to the waitlist page to be added.

Registration starts here!!!

Click the "Register Now Link"

After submitting the form, you will see an onscreen message stating:

“Thanks for submitting your registration request, your data has been recorded. 

Second Step:

Above and on the HOME page you will see the pay now and click on the “$40.00 Registration fee Link” 

After submitting the payment, you will receive an email receipt. That serves as confirmation the payment was successfully collected.

There is no need to email or call to confirm your space.

When you have completed this two-part process, your space will be solidified, and you must choose the level of care you need. 

Step Three:

If your child is being transported form a CMS school by CMS transportation, you must complete the Alternate Stop from on the CMS website or linked to our page under transportation.


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